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The Uptown Collective – The Recap 4-21 to 4-26

By Led Black

April 21 – April 26

Renowned Italian street artist, Alicé Pasquini, was recently in town for a three-wall project in New York and New Jersey that tells a short story over the course of three murals. The first wall, painted on an abandoned pizza place in Rockaway Beach Queens, shows a girl sending a letter on a paper airplane above the words From Aways a play on the name the Rockaways. The second wall, organized by Savage Habbit in Jersey City, shows the paper plane flying in the sky as the sender and recipient watch. In the last wall, located at the Amistad and Muscota schools in Inwood, the letter has finally arrived in Manhattan and the recipient is reading it. What’s on the letter is left for the kids in the schoolyard to decide.

This week also saw another excellent post from Christina Bebeau entitled Dinner With My Father. The missive lovingly tells the story of Christina’s regular food outings with her father. The post also moonlights as an ode to the food of Manolo Tapas (4165 Broadway) Spanish restaurant as well as a call to get out there and explore and step away from the computer and it’s insipid insularity.

Our Monday Mood Music selection comes to us from the good folks at Marley Hour 101 entitled Smoking Section and is a compilation album featuring many of Uptown best artists. We also had the honor or premiering the latest from the talented GDA, DREAM$.

We have an exciting electoral contest shaping up in our backyard between Congressman Charles Rangel and State Senator Adriano Espailliat. Espailliat almost bested the venerable Congressman back in 2012, losing by a margin of less than 1,100 votes. Respected journalist Juan Gonzalez of the NY Daily News penned an Op-Ed about the impending end of Charles Rangel’s political career because of the plethora of big politicos that are switching sides and backing Espaillat. Shortly after the Op-Ed was written, Rangel received the endorsement of former President Bill Clinton. Get the popcorn folks; this is election to watch and to participate in.

Our financial contributor, Fabian Baez, wrote about the allure of credit cards in the latest installment of the Money = Power column. Our friends over at Project Bronx asked the question on everyone’s mind, does the Bronx TURN UP?

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Led Black
The Uptown Collective

The UC’s mission is to become “the” definitive, transformative and community-based force impacting the arts, culture, business and New York City’s overall perception of Upper Manhattan. Its objective is to reset, reboot and positively redefine Uptown’s artistic, political, cultural and business spheres via the online space as well the collective’s initiatives and functions.

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