The Race for New York County Surrogate Court Judge

The Race for New York County Surrogate Court Judge

Hon. Barbara Jaffe.
Hon. Barbara Jaffe.

Come Thurs., Sept., 13th, primary elections will be held for, among other offices, the Surrogate Court judgeship in New York County.

Surrogate Court plays a significant role in the lives of New York’s residents.

It handles all probate and estate proceedings, and is where all wills are probated. All estates of those who die without a will are handled by this court, as is the unclaimed property of the deceased without wills.

The Hon. Barbara Jaffe, Acting New York State Supreme Court Justice, and the Hon. Rita Mella, New York City Criminal Court Judge, are running this year for the Surrogate Court Judge.

Hon. Rita Mella.
Hon. Rita Mella.

Meet each jurist in exclusive interviews with The Manhattan Times at www.manhattantimesnews.com and in next week’s edition, just in time for the primary elections.

And don’t forget to make time to get to the voting booth come Thurs., Sept. 13th.

Your vote matters!



In the previous edition of The Manhattan Times (Sept. 5 – Sept. 11, 2012; Vol. 13; #36),  Hon. Barbara Jaffe and Hon. Rita Mella, candidates for New York County’s Surrogate Court Judge, were incorrectly cited as Civil Court Judges.

Jaffe serves as an Acting New York State Supreme Court, while Mella is a New York City Criminal Court judge.

The Manhattan Times regrets the error.


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