Man tests negative for Ebola at Mount Sinai
Hombre resulto en negativo por ébola en el Mount Sinai

Man tested for Ebola at Mount Sinai

A Mount Sinai patient is being tested for Ebola virus.

A man who recently visited West Africa is being tested for the Ebola virus at Mount Sinai Hospital.

According to a statement from the Northern Manhattan hospital, the patient was admitted on Tues., Aug. 4th with a high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms.

He was immediately placed in isolation and tested for the virus.

At press time, health officials were awaiting the results of tests that would definitively rule out Ebola, but they stated that it was unlikely the man had the virus.

“After consultation with CDC and Mount Sinai, the Health Department has concluded that the patient is unlikely to have Ebola,” the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said in a statement on August 4.

The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa has been responsible for 887 deaths.

Jeremy BoalC(web)Dr. David Reich, Mount Sinai’s President and CEO, said test results from the Centers for Disease Control were expected in the next couple of days.


Hospital officials have declared that the Mount Sinai patient in question does not in fact have the ebola virus.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have determined the patient kept in isolation since Monday at the Mount Sinai Hospital has tested negative,” said the hospital in a statement.

The update brings welcomed relief to those worried that the Ebola virus had spread to New York City.

The unidentified patient had been admitted to the hospital on Mon., Aug. 4th, with fever and gastrointestinal symptoms that raised concerns of an Ebola infection, especially since they had recently returned from West Africa.

“The patient is in stable condition, is improving, and remains in the care of our physicians and nurses,” continued the statement.

The Ebola virus has killed more than 900 people in West Africa.

Hombre examinado por ébola en el Mount Sinai

Un paciente del Mount Sinai está siendo examinado por el virus de ébola.

Un hombre que recientemente visitó África Occidental está siendo examinado para ver si tenía el virus del ébola en el Hospital Mount Sinai.

De acuerdo con un comunicado del hospital del norte de Manhattan, el paciente fue ingresado el martes 4 de agosto con fiebre alta y síntomas gastrointestinales.

Fue ubicado inmediatamente en aislamiento y se le practicaron exámenes para el virus.

Al cierre de esta edición, los funcionarios de salud estaban en espera de los resultados de las pruebas que definitivamente descartarían el ébola, pero indicaron que era poco probable que el hombre tuviera el virus.

Jeremy BoalC(web)
Dr. David Reich, presidente y director general de Mount Sinai.

“Después de consultar con el CDC y el Mount Sinai, el Departamento de Salud ha concluido que es poco probable que el paciente tenga ébola”, dijo el Departamento de Salud e Higiene Mental de la ciudad de Nueva York en un comunicado el 4 de agosto.

El actual brote de ébola en África Occidental ha sido responsable por 887 muertes.

El Dr. David Reich, presidente de Mount Sinai y director general, dijo que se espera que los resultados de las pruebas de los Centros de Control de Enfermedades lleguen en los próximos días.



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