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Green Grants

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) encourages non-profits, institutions and other private property owners to apply for funding that is available for stormwater management projects through the Green Infrastructure Grant Program. DEP is engaged in a city-wide effort to soften the impervious urban landscape and help absorb stormwater that would otherwise drain into the combined sewer system and contribute to sewer overflows into local waterways.  The Grant Program provides funding for stormwater management projects, also called green infrastructure, such as rain gardens, permeable pavements, and green roofs on private property in the combined sewer areas of the City. More information and the application can be found on the DEP website at

“Building green infrastructure that will naturally collect stormwater is one of the most effective ways New Yorkers can help to improve our environment — and we’ll help pay for the work,” said DEP Acting Commissioner Vincent Sapienza.  “Green infrastructure projects also help to clean the air, provide shade in summer, and make neighborhoods more beautiful.”

DEP will host a workshop on June 14 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Civic Hall, located at 118 West 22nd Street in Manhattan (12th Floor), to explain the eligibility requirements and the application process.  Over the last several years, DEP has committed more than $15 million to fund 34 different projects with private property owners, who have contributed nearly $6 million in matching funds.

These projects help absorb stormwater.
These projects help absorb stormwater.

All private property owners served by combined sewers in New York City are eligible to apply for a green infrastructure grant.  Grant funding is provided for the design and construction of projects that reduce or manage 1.25 inches of stormwater that falls on selected properties.  If selected, DEP will reimburse each grantee for the design and construction costs for the green infrastructure project.  Preference will be given to projects that are located in priority watersheds, are cost-effective, provide matching funds or other contributions, and include ancillary environmental and community benefits such as public access, increased awareness about stormwater management, and green jobs development.  DEP will also accept requests for pre-application meetings with developers, professional designers, project teams or other organizations representing constituencies in real estate, business groups, or other large groups.

To arrange a meeting with DEP engineers to discuss proposal specifics in advance of submitting an application, email

For more information, please visit


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