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February 25 – March 2

By Led Black

February 25 – March 2

WHIN By Any Means 3 is now one for the history books. The event went down on Thursday, February 28th at Negro Claro (3805 10th Ave) and exceeded everyone wildest expectations. Before the show even started, within 1 hour of the doors of the venue opening to be exact, the event was sold out. Not to mention that there was still a few hundred people outside the venue that did not make it in. We put together some of the best tweets from the folks that attended the event raving about it’s awesomeness for those that did not get to attend.

Speaking of the WHIN By Any Means movement, we started the week with an inspiring Q&A with the man that conceived the whole idea, Tellie Floydd. Not only is he a talented artist in his own right but he is also quite the entrepreneur as well. The Uptown Collective is a proud sponsor of WHIN By Any Means. Our Monday Mood Music post featured a song entitled Nueva York by Lito Kirino featuring Ty Hayez. This week also saw a new video by Uptown rapper Superfly Gee for the infectious song Paper Paper.

We also posted an incredible Uptown Artist column featuring Uptown resident and painter, Katie Ruiz. Katie Ruiz is originally from the west coast and has traveled extensively throughout the world but now has chosen Uptown as the place to call home. The Serious Eats blog featured our very own Indian Road Cafe for their The Vegetarian Option column.

The Best of the Boogie Down column by Jenni Ruiza featured The Bronx Documentary Center. When you think of The Bronx, photojournalism and art exhibits don’t necessarily come to mind. In 2011, established photojournalists, Michael Kamber and Danielle Jackson, co-founded the Bronx Documentary Center to remedy that. It was also established to commemorate the life of fellow photojournalist, Tim Hetherington, who was killed in April of 2011 while covering the front lines of the Libyan civil war. Located in the Melrose section of the South Bronx, the Bronx Documentary Center is home to art galleries, educational exhibits, and independent art collectives.

We ended the week, as we always do, with the hilarious weekly breakdown of MTV’s Washington Heights by resident humorist Sara Martinez.

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