Election Day

Election Day

Today, Tuesday, November 8th is the General Election day for a number of elected offices across New York State.

Make your voice heard and cast your vote.

Polls will be open from 5:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

To find your polling site, please visit http://bit.ly/1pL27EZ or call (866) VOTE-NYC/ 866.868.3692.

United States Presidency

Democratic Party: Hillary R. Clinton
Democratic Party: Hillary R. Clinton.
Republican Party: Donald J. Trump
Republican Party: Donald J. Trump.
Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson
Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson.
Green Party: Jill Stein
Green Party: Jill Stein.







Vice Presidency

Democratic Party: Tim Kaine
Democratic Party: Tim Kaine.
Republican Party: Michael R. Pence
Republican Party: Michael R. Pence.
Libertarian Party: William Weld
Libertarian Party: William Weld.
Green Party: Ajamu Baraka
Green Party: Ajamu Baraka.







United States Senate

Republican Party: Wendy Long
Republican Party: Wendy Long.
Democratic Party: Charles E. Schumer
Democratic Party: Charles E. Schumer.
Libertarian Party: Alex Merced
Libertarian Party: Alex Merced.
Green Party: Robin L. Wilson
Green Party: Robin L. Wilson.







New York’s 13th Congressional District

Democratic Party: Adriano Espaillat
Democratic Party: Adriano Espaillat.
Transparent Government Party: Scott LLoyd Fenstermaker
Transparent Government Party: Scott LLoyd Fenstermaker.
Republican Party: Robert A. Evans Jr
Republican Party: Robert A. Evans Jr.
Green Party: Daniel Vila Rivera
Green Party: Daniel Vila Rivera.







72nd Assembly District

Democratic Party: Carmen De La Rosa.
Democratic Party: Carmen De La Rosa.
Republican Party: Melinda Crump
Republican Party: Melinda Crump.
Green Party: Julia Willebrand
Green Party: Julia Willebrand.
Conservative Party: John Toro.
Conservative Party: John Toro.



31st State District

Democratic Party: Marisol Alcantara.
Democratic Party: Marisol Alcantara.







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