Councilmember Jackson honored with UFT’s highest award

New York City Councilmember Robert Jackson will receive the United Teachers Federation’s (UFT) most prestigious award...

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In bloom, always

No matter how fickle the weather outside, spring was most certainly in bloom – and safely indoors – this past Sat., Apr. 21st with local star students of the CUNY in...

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Recognizing Possibility: ACDP hosts first Teen Expo

After reading the 2010 Community Service Society report 2010 on trends amongst New York City Latino youths in Education, Work and Income, Soledad Hiciano, Executive Director of the...

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Capoeira: A dialogue of movements, an expression of hope

At first glance, the art form of Capoeira may resemble a duel, filled with high, elaborate kicks, but as Capoeira instructor Freddy Correa will tell you, it is more a “dialogue of movements”...

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“Brides” in white – and in step – march against violence

“Novias” en Blanco y en Fila Marchan contra la Violencia

Rising early in the day, Josie Ashton took care in donning the white wedding dress. Cloaked in her formal attire, she traveled to Fort Washington Presbyterian Church in Washington Heights...

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