Big and Tall

Big and Tall

Honoree Mike Fitelson (center) covers his noggin at The Onward and Upward Gala.

Heads up.

Up Theater Company held its annual Onward and Upward gala on Wed., May 31st.

The Annual Upstanding Person of the Year Award was bestowed upon Mike Fitelson, who served as former Editor of The Manhattan Times before leading the United Palace as its Chief Executive Officer.




Fitelson serves as CEO of the United Palace.


In honor of his recognition, James Bosley, Founder and former Artistic Director, penned the following poem for the occasion.





The head in question.

Mike is tall.

His head is big
So Very

While some have
Their heads
In the clouds
Mike’s head is
Above the clouds

He is a head
Above the Rest
He is
Ahead of the game

Because up there
Above the clouds
Mike can see
What others cannot

He sees beyond what is
He sees what is not yet
Beyond the horizon
He sees into
The Possible

James Bosley.

So many hats
This head has worn
Hats that come with names –
Artist editor photographer founder presenter impresario
etc etc
but the hat to which this ode I dedicate
is tallest hat
of all the rest
It has to be
This is the hat called – Visionary.

  • James Bosley


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For more, please visit

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