And the winner is…

And the winner is…

Story and photos by Robin Elisabeth Kilmer

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Be prepared to see Andrew Short’s winning 10th Annual Uptown Art Stroll poster everywhere.

Before the Uptown Arts Stroll approached its 10th Anniversary in June, the decision had to be made.

Which of the posters would soon come to stand as the defining artwork for this year’s community celebration of art and artists?

On Mon., Apr. 8th, the ballots were cast for five different posters, and a winner was chosen at a reception hosted by the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA).

“This feels amazing, and a little overwhelming,” said a slightly bashful Andrew Short, who reveled in the moment with a humble smile. “I’ve never won anything like this before.” Short’s work will be put on display throughout the neighborhood, heralding the highly anticipated annual event.

A graphic designer by profession, he has lived in Inwood for six years.

“The people, the culture—it’s something completely different from what people know of Manhattan,” said Short.

He said he was initiated into the area art scene via Indian Road Café, and its numerous live music performances, readings, and open mic nights.

Elements of the Northern Manhattan art scene appear in his poster: microphones; musical instruments; a film strip; and a cluster of buildings forms the head of a fountain pen, and a paintbrush its nib.

Short is especially excited for the Art Stroll not just because he won the poster contest.

After six years of living in Northern Manhattan, he said he will finally get a chance to experience it for himself.

“It will be my first time.”

To see more of Andrew Short’s work, please visit, or

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