“Abstract/Abstract” debuts

“Abstract/Abstract” debuts

Story by Adrian Cabreja

Photos by Isaacc García

Rosa Naparstek, of Artists Unite, stands beside works of the new exhibit the organization has helped organize at Berkshire Bank.
Rosa Naparstek, of Artists Unite, stands beside works of the new exhibit the organization has helped organize at Berkshire Bank.

Artists Unite will soon be having its third art show at the Berkshire Bank on 187th Street and Pinehurst Avenue this Mon., May 14th.

The site might seem an unlikely choice, but it fits right into the scheme of things for arts non-profit organization Artists Unite, which is “dedicated to providing quality arts programmingand to helping artists of all genres collaborate on projects.”

In response to the scarce gallery space in northern Manhattan, the group created
the 187th Street Gallery Project as part of its “Creative Venues” program in which unlikely spaces, such as subway elevators, are transformed into host sites for art.

With this Gallery Project, the campaign employs office and business spaces throughout 187th Street for artwork exhibits.

The exhibition at Berkshire bank is called “Abstract/Abstract,” a show that will display abstract art by two painters, Carla Aurich and Susan Bresler.

“These are two very different and complimentary abstract painters whose works are colorful, evocative and emotionally appealing, each in their own way,” says Rosa Naparstek, of Artists Unite.

The differences between the artists include how each approaches her work.

As a student of color theory, Aurich loves to experiment with color, and all that is related to its development and presentation, including how different lights interact with dry paint.

By combining colors, she creates what she calls “off-springs,” or variations of that one color that she intended to be the “parent”.

Aurich shows her experimentation with colors through the use of slats, which are visible in almost all her work.

“My process is intuitive and analytical as I build and scrap and alter hue, value and intensity to arrive at the desired combination,” says Aurich, who paints exclusively in oil paint.

“Oil painting connects me to a long and ancient tradition,” said Aurich. “I feel connected with the tradition.”

Besler, on the other hand, uses shapes as a starting point. Her lines are sharp, symmetrical, and form shapes through which light colors are constructed through
water paint. In observing her paintings, there are various shades of what appear to be a similar color, but as one gradually goes from one end of the frame to another, the composition shifts, and one seems to travel towards a wholly new color.

Besler, with a background in architecture, explains that she seeks to bring that influence, and the practice of architectural drafting, into her work.

She also employs watercolors, because “it illuminates the paintings, and it represents transparency,” she explained.

The works of both artists will be on display for viewing – stop in soon.

“Abstract/Abstract” will have its opening reception May 14th at 5:30 p.m. at Berkshire Bank, located at 210 Pinehurst Avenue, on the corner of 187th Street.

For more information, please call 212.568.0013.


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