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UC Recap – June 29 – July 4

By Led Black

June 29 – July 4

The Classical Theatre of Harlem latest’s production, The Tempest, has an uncanny knack for timing. The play remixes the classic Shakespearean opus and references the island of Hispaniola as Prospero’s magical island. Hispaniola, which is home to both the Dominican Republic and Haiti, is currently undergoing some major drama of its own. The Tempest’s highlighting of the dynamics of freedom and captivity, imprisonment and rebellion, authority and tyranny seems eerily prescient right about now. The Tempest began its limited run this past weekend at the Richard Rodgers Amphitheater at Marcus Garvey Park and is free and open to the public.

It all started with an iPhone commercial. I tried to Shazam the song everything time I saw the ad to no avail. Being that I am a man of action, I did what a person of action would do and headed to Google to find out whose song that was. After a short search I came across the name Leon Bridges. Then it was off to Spotify to dig deeper into the man’s music. What I found was absolutely incredible soul music that was both timeless and timely. You need in this your life post haste. The album was released late last month and is all about love, family and faith. Get up on Leon Bridges and his brand-new but old-fashioned soul music. You are most welcome. Enjoy!

You have a few more days to contribute to Statement Arts’ College Prep Program crowd-funding campaign. You have it in your power to help 15 New York City seniors get into college. You know the motto right? Spread Love It’s The Uptown Way…

The long awaited first episode of The City Inside The City has finally been released. While some folks may have an issue with the subject matter, I sincerely do not believe that they are in no way trying to glamorize drug dealing. Check out the gripping inaugural episode and let us know what you think.

Have you been to Dyckman Park this summer yet? The Dyckman Park Basketball Tournament boasts some of the best street basketball on the planet. They are celebrating their 25-year anniversary this summer. I also have to shout out Mike Jones who is celebrating 15 years as the force behind the Dominican Power basketball team.

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